Geodomains — the exact position of your site

  • Space for fantasyFreely many "beautiful" domain names
  • Geographic LocationIn the name of your site will be identified belonging to a particular region
  • PriceFor the low price geodomains set registration and renewal

CRIMEA.PRO – is the domain of the Crimean!

The rent application domains third level zone CRIMEA.PRO sent to The cost of renting a subdomain of 200 rubles a year.

Crimea - the peninsula in the Black Sea. Crimeans love your land and select sites for their domain name The unique geo-referenced site with a domain name emphasizes the Crimean origin of the Internet resource. This is not just a fashion trend, it is an element of identity in the global network.

And call him stupid
                             'Red Nice'
and boring
                       'All-Union health resort'.
                        compared with what?
There is nothing
(Vladimir Mayakovsky, "Crimea")
  • Management and SupportYou get a complete set of administrative rights and quality service to the registrar at all stages of the management of their domains
  • IndexationSearch engines index well geographic domains, bringing traffic to your site
  • FunctionalityThe choice of the geographic domain as the basis for creating the site does not affect its functionality